David Lloyd writes:

Generally, FreeBSD needs a primary slice to boot and run.
I assume what you are calling 'normal partition' is what is
called a primary slice.

Thanks - I had a mental blank as to what to call primary slices :)
My suggestion is to shrink that 'logical partition' and make
a 4th slice that is primary and put FreeBSd there, unless one of
those other 'normal partitions' are are not needed.  Then, just use
the installer to delete what is in the slice and create it with
a FreeBSD slice and go from there.    Alternately you can add
a disk.

I think that's what I'll attempt to do (i.e. shrink the logical partition).

I have had pretty good luck with Partition Magic for that sort of thing
but I have never mucked with so called logical partitions.   Also, PM
is not free. I got mine at Best Buy, I think. ////jerry


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