"Marwan Sultan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hello everyone,
>  I'm On FreeBSD 6.1R, the box is intel945 extra Dlink NIC
>  P4.3 1G DDR2, 160GB sata.
>  running Freeradius, chillispot, MySql 4.1, apache2.
>  acting as NAT and hotspot login.
>  there is two diffrent servers with the same specifications.
>  Its was working fine starting from day 1 to day 5 uptime.
>  and the other box from day 1 to 3,
>  with almost 30 users as hotspot login.
>  On day 5, it had a sudden shutdown, some users called me reported
> there is no internet
>  when i checked the server i discovered the box is off power.
>  The second box after 3 days had the same problem.
>  when i started the power, for both...again it start to work in a goodway.
>  I was shocked.. checked messages, dmesg, and almost everything I
> couldnot find any clue
>  in logs.. so
>  question 1, How would i check what happened for this power shutting down?

Did the filesystems come up clean?  That would be a hint that the
kernel shut down on purpose.  [I wouldn't expect it, since you said
there were no hints in the logs, but it's worth checking.

Next step is probably to set up a serial console and see if anything
useful is showing up there when the shutdown occurs.  Also try to get
and track any information about system temperature, voltage, and so
on; these kinds of phantom powerdowns are usually power trouble in my

>  2)
>  in my dmesg and since i was settingup the box, the following error
> was always coming and on
>  single line
>  atapci1: failed to enable memory mapping!

I can't find that message in the -STABLE sources.  Admittedly, it was
a very quick search, but are you sure you copied it exactly?
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