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I'm building VPN connected to CISCO device.

I NEED to translate my LAN adress to a given adress.

The VPN work well when I try doing
ifconfig em0 alias [EMAIL PROTECTED]
ping -S [EMAIL PROTECTED] dest_@

but I didn't manage to translate LAN adresse AND having VPN used.

I can pass throug VPN using actual adress but the CISCO endpoint drop it
or I translate, but packets didn't go in the VPN.

Any idea ?

IPSec does not work across NAT. The problem is authenticated headers which simply won't work because it assumes the ip header to be untouched.

If you have a natting box this will rewrite the source/destination ip which means that the recipient cannot verify the authencity of the packet.

You should be able to get things working without AH.

Cheers, Erik
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