On 2006 Sep 11, Joel Adamson wrote:
> Gerard,
> Thanks for the recommendations.  I'm still using Windows at work, so I'll 
> keep your recommendations in mind.
> Let me explain the situation, just for your peace of mind: Let's say I'm 
> writing something in a word processor; I want to check something on the 
> internet, or I want to initiate a download.  I open my browser and click on a 
> few things and then go back to my word processor while I'm waiting for a 
> webpage to load.  The annoying behavior is that I"ll be typing, and I type 
> darn fast, and then when the webpage is done loading, the focus will shift 
> and I'll still be typing.  I'll type half a word before I realize that I'm 
> now looking at a webpage.  Sometimes I even use the alt key or the control 
> key and that's when it can really skrew me up.

I've been using xfce and mwm and never had problems with focus shifting.

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