backyard writes:
--- Chuck Swiger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Sep 11, 2006, at 12:15 PM, Jeff Rollin wrote:
> Discussions like these leave me lost for words... Perhaps, although it seems you recovered quickly. :-)
> Which is to say, apart from the occasional bug I
really don't see > what the
> problem is with sysinstall.

I'm in that club myself. It takes a few times to get
it down, but it is simple once you know the basic
steps of getting FreeBSD on a box. The trick is of
 some excised

comprehensible unless you have the already-mentioned technical background.

I would have to concurr with this 100%. My first go at
FreeBSD was a little rough do to this whole concept of
two "partitionings." I thought to myself now why would
anyone want to do this. I wouldn't consider myself at
the time a novice, but I wouldn't consider myself too
bright either... Now it makes perfect sense to have
one partition and multiple slices. It makes an fstab
look a lot nicer.

Of course, I think you just said that backwards.
I think by FreeBSD terminology you probably mean one slice and
several partitions (a-h) in it... ////jerry
              nothing more annoying then not
having say a linux box boot because you selected the
extended partitions number instead of the logical
drive contained therein... and keeping track of a
million partitions get old quick.

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