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Hi list,

I'm using FBSD 6.1-RELEASE and I'm having trouble downloading extensions and
themes in firefox (installed from packages). They all complain that they're
not "supported in Unknown".

Any ideas on how to fix this, please?


Jeff Rollin

I solved this problem on my freebsd 6.1-STABLE box by deinstalling all
graphical web tools (Opera, Firefox, etc) enabling linux binary
compatibility, and then installing the linux versions of all those
graphical www tools I had just installed.

then the linux-plugins

I'm very pleased with the results, as many plugings dont have a BSD version.

Can you explain it in detail?  I can't find detailed instructions in
the Handbook.  What about the flash plugin, the java plugin, the
realplayer, the openoffice plugin, or even the mplayerplug-in?

Thank you,
     (o o)

Ok, assuming your www browser of choice is firefox (similarly for Opera)

uninstall firefox

then make sure linux binary compatibility is enabled, the easiest way to do that is with sysinstall. (read the handbook for more info on this step)

Now cd into /usr/ports/www
and look at any port whose name starts with "linux"

the ones I found most helpful where:

you might also want to look at
linux-mplayer-plugin if you use mplayer for windows media files

hope that helps.

make sure your options are what you want, and that should fix you.

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