On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Napoleon Dynamite wrote:

On Monday 11 September 2006 19:21, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
I'm trying to get my rss reader configured up so that I no longer miss
anything ... or, at least, make it easier to keep on top of everything ...

I can't seem to find stuff like DaemonNews and such ...

Does anyone have a list of BSD related RSS feeds that they'd be willing to

Thankx ...

Hi Mark,

I think you're asking about all the BSDs, so here is what I have.
For FreeBSD I use the RSS feeds off the main project  page, for NetBSD off
theirs, and for OpenBSD, which doesn't have any on their page, I get them off
of http://undeadly.org (the busiest of these first three.) I also subscribe
to the BSD related feeds off of Secunia. I don't know DragonflyBSD well
enough to point you anywhere.
Other than that I haven't found any others.
The security feeds are the best because the instant I get one on FreeBSD, I
recompile userland and the kernel.

Actually, in this case, I'm more interested in FreeBSD stuff ... but, for instance, I can't find an RSS feed for Daemonnews or bsdnews, whcih would be cool ... an RSS feed for the 'In the News' section on the FreeBSD site would be cool ... that sort of thing ...

Thanks ...

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