I use a serial console (sio0 flag 0x10, /boot/loader.conf
console="comconsole", /boot.config -h, /etc/make.conf
BOOT_COMCONSOLE_SPEED=115200), but I suddenly have need to quit
doing that that and to use that line for a serial output device at
9600 baud.  I am trying to do this without a reboot.  Is this
possible?  I have tried using Screen to grab console output into a
window so it isn't routed to the serial line, and setting baud rates
on /dev/tty*0 devices, * being d, id, ld, ua (always "device busy"),
ala, and aia.  I can get speeds to change on initial-state and
lock-state devices but not on callin/out devices, and as indicated,
I can't seem to free cuaa0.  The device I want to connect is an
output-only (computer --> device) item; namely, a text-to-speech

Am I missing something, or is this one of those happily few occasions
where one really must reboot the OS?

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