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> uninstall firefox
> then make sure linux binary compatibility is enabled, the easiest way
> to do that is with sysinstall.  (read the handbook for more info on
> this step)
> Now cd into /usr/ports/www
> and look at any port whose name starts with "linux"
> the ones I found most helpful where:
> linux-firefox
> linux-flashplugin7
> linuxpluginwrapper
> you might also want to look at
> linux-mplayer-plugin if you use mplayer for windows media files

Another,(possibly heretical) approach is to take 10 minutes to slap
Ubuntu (or the like) on your desktop box. Out of the gate it easily runs
Firefox, multimedia, cutting edge video drivers, wi-fi, and a bunch of
apps that are troublesome to configure on FreeBSD.

You can then install VMware Server (also painless) and run a local
FreeBSD VM for quick desktop access when you need the Real Thing. It's
easy to SSH and VNC back and forth and open X windows between the two
systems and have the best of both worlds.

Don't get me wrong; I far prefer working in FreeBSD to any other system,
and spend most of my time there. But life is just easier when you have
more tools close to your work area. It's simple to set up, and has been
rock solid for me.

Well, I'm sorry  you've all been beavering away offering helpful
suggestions, because following rance's first suggestion i installed
linux-firefox instead.

Coincidentally, Pete - this FreeBSD install is already on a VMware image!
The bare hardware is running SuSE. I had intended to run FreeBSD on the bare
hardware, but it doesn't recognise either of the two wireless NICs (one was
bought for use with Linux/BSD, the other is a Broadcom, argh!).

As an aside, before finding that SuSE works with the PC card wifi NIC, I
used FreeBSD on a VMware image in XP (thank God those days are over). It
(FreeBSD) runs faster in VMware (which I understand is a customised Linux),
running on SuSE Linux than XP did on the bare hardware. Go figure. In fact I
just can't believe how fast it is - it used to crawl running Enlightenment
stuck on top of XP, now it flies running KDE.

Thanks for your suggestions, all.
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