Good Day,

We've got a FreeBSD box that's running 4.10 (that may not be correct, but
it's 4.x for certain) and it's not seeing our ATA driver on the appliance
it's been installed on. It's just a small 1u device, 1 hard drive, no RAID.
The same version installs on the 2u with the RAID controller no problem.
Best I can tell, 6.1 has the proper ATA driver. ICH7 is what I'm looking

The build of our boxes are ISO'd on a CD, so I'm wondering the best way to
get this done - as I've never had to recompile anything and the more and
more I'm reading, the more and more it looks like I'm going to have to

a) figure out where/how to pull the ICH7 ATA driver from the 6.1 build
b) how I can recompile the kernel that goes with the ISO

It'd be easy (so google says) if it were anything other than the drive
controller - but since I can get to the drive, I can't load the OS properly,
can't just replace the kernel that way.

Any and all ideas, resources, etc.. would be helpful, as this was just sort
of dropped on my plate.


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