On Mon, 2006-09-11 at 08:46 -0400, Bob Walker wrote:
> Thanks to *all* who responded to my whining -- you've been great, and I am
> going to give FreeBSD another try. Apologies to all if I sounded like a
> twit... I was just eager to try something new as I have had it with MS
> products. Regards,
> Bob Walker 

Sounded like you were frustrated and venting to me.  I cringed when you
said you took a few production workstations to install to.  Take one
box, and some free time, no pressure, start with the handbook from

You'll be pleased with your efforts when you're finished, and it only
gets better from there.  As other's have said, it's a community of
people and we've all been there before at one time or another.  Post
your questions and you'll get answers, and probably in a more timely
manner than you may expect.  Don't give up.


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