Howdy Y'all,

I am planning to install FreeBSD this weekend and I am doing a hardware 
inventory. I have a fairly new computer (bought brand new a year ago: Dell 
something-or-other 5100C), with a flatscreen monitor and USB everything.  I 
looked for my monitor specifications last night and have found nothing 
resembling the 35Hz, 800x600 stuff that is discussed in the handbook.  this 
would make sense, of course,...

All I've found in Windows Device Manager is something like "Intel 42985G 

Whenever I've tried liveCDs (FreesBie, various linuces), they have all picked 
out the monitor just fine (and most everything else).  I just want to cover my 
bases, in case I end up with a flickering screen, I want to be able to do 
something about it.

Do you have any suggestions for where I should look for any monitor 
specifications?  What do I enter when I do my X configuration?


Joel J. Adamson 
Arlington, MA
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