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Hello Jeff,

First of all ... thanks for your help and suggestions ... please see
comments interwoven below.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006, 4:20:51 PM, you wrote:


JR> You need to go back into sysinstall and install the ports
JR> collection. That will give you the framework for downloading
JR> ports, but you will not be able to install them without network
JR> access.


JR> If you want to install a package, the easiest way without
JR> network access is to go back into sysinstall and choose it from
JR> the "Packages" item. But, if the package you want is not available
JR> on the FreeBSD install discs (if you need to eject one and insert
JR> the other, it will tell you to), and you don't have a network
JR> connection, I'm afraid you're out of luck.

This is the approach I took.  All looked like it was going well until
the point of needing to switch cdroms.  Couldn't do it.  My cdrom
would not eject so I could switch CDROMs.  Not sure what the problem
was/is, but got to thinking because it was mounted, i.e., mount /cdrom
manually initially by me before starting the "sysinstall" command.
Anyone I just ignored trying to install those packages that I had
selected and eventually finished up, but when finished, I could not
find the /usr/ports directory ... even though sysinstall reported
individually the selected packages were installed properly during the
process.  Oh well, something went awry.  I'll try again with hopefully
only selecting items from one cdrom to try to control the process in
that regard and see if I experience the same result.

JR> If there's nothing else wrong with your system, you don't
JR> need to reinstall; just type "sysinstall" as the root user and
JR> you're in.

I cannot with certainly vouch there is nothing wrong with my system.
It hasn't locked up; it hasn't conked out on me; I've been able to do
a number of things (albeit they are cursory type things ... nothing
big ... executing various Unix commands, creating a few small C
programs and compiling them with gcc tool, etc) thus far, without

JR> BTW, I would delete your manually-created /usr/ports
JR> directory and everything in it, just in case.

I did this prior to the above steps.  The release I have installed is
FreeBSD 6.1 Release #0 May 07 ... perhaps this is part of the problems
I'm experiencing.  I bought the FreeBSD Mall 4 CDROM, May 2006
set.  May be I need to try to get a newer version.  I think I saw
where there is some release #2 mentioned by various list members.  I
suppose I could download it from the web site and burn it.  I'd only
need the first cdrom, right?

Thanks in advance.  While I may not be making "leaps and bounds", I do
feel I'm making some headway!

Take care.

This sounds like a bug to me; before you do anything else I would:

1. Make sure there is no /usr/ports directory;

2. Insert the FBSD CDROM, *without mounting it*

3. Run sysinstall and attempt to install the ports tree again.

If this doesn't work, I would download the FBSD 6.1 CD from a mirror (it was
6.1 you were using, wasn't it?), burn it, and reinstall. If you are sure you
don't need any packages from CD2, you can forgo downloading and burning that
one. In fact if you have the net connection (and the patience), you can
download a "bootonly" iso that, when used to boot the system, downloads
everything else needed from the net.

HTH (especially as if it does not, I'm out of ideas! :-/)

BTW, if you DO end up reinstalling, make sure you reformat your partitions,
as I have sometimes run out of space when attempting to reinstall on
partitions with data still on them.

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