> > ... at least in my recent experience, an up-to-date ports tree 
> > does not always play nicely with a not-updated base install from    
> > CD.
> That's very interesting. However, the ports tree on the CD isn't
> complete, as in: not all the ports are there.

Any idea why?  (I am referring to the ports tree itself, i.e. the
collection of skeleton directories.  The set of distfiles provided
on CDs 3 and 4 is necessarily incomplete, both due to limited space
and because some distfiles have legal restrictions that prevent 
their inclusion.)

> I stopped installing the ports tree from the install CD a long
> time ago for that reason.

Perhaps sysinstall's rather strong recommendation to install the
ports ought to be toned down a bit, e.g. to suggest installing
the ports from CD only if one does not have a high-speed Internet
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