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Is there any single source where one can go to see what has been changed on the various components of the OS.

Go to the source :-)

Wow! That's an excellent resource and the bge driver does have numerous changes that all dance around or on the same issues. It appears they've been being addressed for months. Supporting that, two people have responded and said both a Tyan and several IBMs are working perfectly with the Broadcom.

Based on the 6.1-RELEASE-p6 AMD64 system I did yesterday (a different server), I didn't see any of these changes on the source date for if_bge.c. I'm guessing this has to do with how I cvsup and the fact that I remain tracking only 6.1-RELEASE. I used:

*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_6_1

in the supfile and these changes are not pulled under that tag. How does one approach that, set the tag to RELENG_6 which does grab these. From the handbook it seems to recommend not moving forward from a "RELEASE" for a production type of implementation. How does one grab specific changes to a driver without actually cvsupping to that entire revision or am I missing something really basic and I should be using the RELENG_6 tag for my production servers? It really looks like that's the version of the bge driver I should be using.

If you click on if_bge.c (which I guess you did to see all the comments), you'll see above each comment a "Branch: " which tells you where the changes have been committed. E.g.

Revision ** <> / (*download* <>) - annotate <> - [select for diffs] <>, /Thu Sep 7 08:49:10 2006 UTC/ (6 days, 2 hours ago) by /oleg/ Branch: *RELENG_6 <> *
Changes since * +24 -5 lines*
Diff to previous <> (colored <>) to branchpoint 1.91 <> (colored <>) next main 1.92 <> (colored <>)

MFC rev. 1.140
Properly lock ifmedia callbacks. This should prevent concurrent access to PHY.
Following issues should be resolved:
- random watchdog timeouts (caused by concurrent phy access)
- some link state issues
- non working TX if media type was set explicitly

PR:             kern/98738 <>

which looks like one you'd want! You'll see the tag is RELENG_6 so yes you will need to cvsup to this (aka 6-STABLE) to get those changes. Presumably the changes will make it to 6.2-RELEASE, so you could switch to tracking that when it comes out. I would be wary of actively tracking a production server with STABLE. If you upgrade to STABLE now and it works, just leave it unless there are security patches.

At least one change is to HEAD/Main which is aka 7-CURRENT. That would be risky for a production box.

Alternatively you could just try downloading the two files and copying them over your existing ones (after backing them up!) and just try and see if a make buildkernel will compile them. If the changes don't rely on anything outside of these two files, you'd likely be fine. Of course, keep a copy of your current working kernel in e.g. /boot/


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