portaudit reports several "problems" for my 6.1 system, e,g, gnupg 1.4.3
and ruby 1.8.4_8,1. It's recommended that I update or deinstall these
packages immediately.

The problem is, portupdate -PP I find any newer packages though 1.4.5 of gnupg 
is already in ports for months.

And I'm talking about packages for 6-stable, not 6.1-release. I've set
PACKAGESITE and PKG_SITES to the according server 

I know of the pointyhat build farm. And it seems to compile, but I
don't see where the results go. Telling from
http://pointyhat.freebsd.org/errorlogs/ there are packages being built, but 
they don't show up on the FreeBSD ftp servers.

So the question is: where to get the most recent built packages for my
system (here 6.1-RELEASE)?

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