so ive been playing with my buildserver, and working out the methodology
to quickly recover a computer to operational mode.

yesterday, i took my buildserver, and began with a 'pkg_delete -a', and
then updated my ports tree.  i then proceeded to visit each port directory
of things my production server runs, and did a 'make install
package-recursive', until had a /usr/ports/packages/ directory that was
very full of what appears to be invididual packages of each of the things
i need on my server.

next, i took a test box, and mounted /usr/ports from my build server to
this test box, changed to /usr/ports/packages/All, and did a 'pkg_add -v
*', and watched as what appeared to be each package this directory install
onto my test box.

the first thing i decided to test, was apache (2.0.59).  apache would fire
up, but php would not work well enough to load squirrelmail or something
like phpsysinfo.  phpsysinfo told me that the xml and pcre exentions are
required, but 'pkg_info|grep php5' told me that these extensions were
installed.  if i do a plain 'pkg_info' on both my build server and test
box, they are line for line the same, but some things are obvously not

first, am i going about this project in the wrong direction?

second, what is the proper way to use the packages that have been built
from ports, and how do they differ from actually building the port on a


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