Hello all,

I am attempting to block an SMTP server with /etc/hosts.allow:

Received: from 241net251.net.zeork.com.pl (241net251.net.zeork.com.pl
[] (may be forged))
[506] Tue 12.Sep.2006 20:55:44
#ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] grep zeork /home/kadmin/spammers

[507] Tue 12.Sep.2006 20:56:55
#ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] grep /home/kadmin/spammers /etc/hosts.allow
sendmail : /home/kadmin/spammers : deny

hosts_access(5) says this:
      The access control language implements the following patterns:
       * A string that begins with  a  `.'  character.  A  host
        name is matched  if the last components of its name match the
        specified pattern.  For example, the pattern `.tue.nl'  matches
        the host name `wzv.win.tue.nl'

So, why does my server continue accepting SMTP connections from "241net251.net.zeork.com.pl" ?

Thoughts, pointers, gentle kicks on the bum welcomed.

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
Ray's Rule of Precision:
        Measure with a micrometer.  Mark with chalk.  Cut with an axe.
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