On Tue, Sep 12, 2006 at 05:30:43PM -0700, Perry Hutchison wrote:
> > > ... at least in my recent experience, an up-to-date ports tree 
> > > does not always play nicely with a not-updated base install from    
> > > CD.
> >
> > That's very interesting. However, the ports tree on the CD isn't
> > complete, as in: not all the ports are there.
> Any idea why?  (I am referring to the ports tree itself, i.e. the
> collection of skeleton directories.  The set of distfiles provided
> on CDs 3 and 4 is necessarily incomplete, both due to limited space
> and because some distfiles have legal restrictions that prevent 
> their inclusion.)

Because since the release CD was cut, the porters have been tirelessly
porting new software and updating existing software - the ports tree is
pretty much in a constant state of growth and development.  As soon as 
the release is cut, the included ports tree is out of date.

Daniel Bye

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