Robert Huff wrote:
Giorgos Keramidas writes:

 I don't think you can have the hostnames in a separate "map file"
 and then reference this file from /etc/hosts.allow.

        The port security/denyhosts does exactly that.  (And it seems
to work.)

                                Robert Huff

I didn't see Giorgos' reply to my initial post, but, on that subject, the manpage I referred to (hosts_access) also says:

      "A string that begins with a `/' character is treated as a file
name. A host name or address is matched if it matches any host name or address pattern listed in the named file. The file format is zero or
more lines with zero or more host name or address patterns separated by
whitespace. A file name pattern can be used anywhere a host name or address pattern can be used."

It could be, I suppose, that the manpage is out-of-date/sync with reality....

Kevin Kinsey

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