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Hello in there,

I'm kind of complicated person, so finding o good OS was really a pity
for me. I googled around a lot, installed a lot and often get
disappointed... until I discovered FreeBSD. Folks, this OS ist simply
great because it is CLEAR. Clear Structure, clear Doc, clear Policy. But
all the guys on this mailing list probably already know this... Now, i
have one simple question related to this: where and whom can I tell
THANK YOU ? GOOD WORK ? For providing such a great OS.

There are many places, but I'm sure you've been heard already.
Thanks for your kind words.

Secondly: being myself an ex-gamer, I'm wondering if it is possible to
run Mac OS games under FreeBSD. I found no solution on google, so
probably there is some reason which cause it NOT working. Could someone
just explain me what it this reason ?

Unfortunately, Mac OS games just don't run on anything but Mac OS
itself. Many Linux games and some windows ones run flawlessly on
FreeBSD, though, with no or subtle performance penalties.

On the other hand, you might have heard that Mac OS X is based on
FreeBSD. They removed all the clear things you were talking about,
slipstreamed a clear-looking GUI and put a price tag on it. The result
is a pretty good desktop OS (for a commercial one that is). You might
want to try it out.

Take care!
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