On Sep 13, 2006, at 7:17 PM, Chuck Swiger wrote:

On Sep 13, 2006, at 3:48 PM, Fred C! wrote:
Hello I have a problem with Python + sqlite3. My main machine is a FreeBSD 6.1 I have also try on an old machine running FreeBSD 5.5 and it doesn't work either. I join to this email some information. I can also provide a core file if someone is interested in solving that problem.

Thanks you for any information on how to solve this

Not enough data; switch to the thread which crashed, ie got the SIG 11, and do a "bt" to try to see what was going wrong.

Note that debugging multithreaded programs is rather difficult, and you might want to double-check that your basic Python installation is OK first by running the included self-tests which come with the Python distribution. If you're using the Python from ports, try doing:

        cd /usr/ports/lang/python && make
        cd /usr/ports/lang/python/work/Python-2.4.3 && make test

Every thing seems OK to me. All the tests are fine.

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