On 9/13/06, Joel Adamson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
If I may comment as someone who knows only that BSD looks better to a newbie, 
it looks better because I only have to go to one place to read the FreeBSD 
manual.  For Linux, there's documentation for all the little parts, and a 
community/wiki for any particular distribution, except that's a lot different 
from having a single document that covers almost everything.

And for everything else, there's this list, which has a minimum of *attitude*, 
which is a contrast to many linux boards I've read.


 On Tuesday 12 September 2006 06:16, Jeff Rollin wrote:
> I let a lot of BSD comments about Linux go "unpunished", but this

Si, y además no nos molestamos cuando escribimos en otro idioma xD.

Linux is for people who hate Micro$oft. BSD is for people who love Unix ...
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