Hello everyone. After a bit of a wrestle, I installed my first FreeBSD
6.1 server on a PIII 733MHz with 512 Megs of RAM on a 6.5 Gig slice
(a:/, b:swap, d:/var, e:/tmp, f:/usr). I got X Windows working after a
little bit more struggle - I now have Afterstep, WindowMaker and fvwm
working for me.

The single biggest problem I have faced with this installation is
configuring my mouse. I have an old 3-button Logitech serial mouse. It
is not hard to replace it with a new PS/2 or USB roller mouse. But if
I had to do that, I won't be here and I would not care about FreeBSD.

On 5.4, I remember the serial port to which my mouse was connected was
called /dev/cuaa0. Now it is /dev/cuad0. I find this a little odd. In
any case, when I start my X Window session, for a while my mouse is
responsive and moving around perfectly. After a few inches of moving
here and there, it stops responding and that's it. I have tried doing

cat /dev/cuad0

from the console and moved the mouse - it spews gibberish which is
fine. But it does not budge a bit on my X Window session. I have to
stop and restart and everytime it's the same story, except that it
moves briefly before freezing.

Some points:
1. I can oftentimes see the mouse pointer on the text consoles just
after booting, but it does not move.
2. My moused runs with:
    moused -t microsoft -p /dev/cuad0

I enabled ChordMiddle at the time of xorgconfig so that's enabled in

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