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Matthias Apitz wrote:

I'm missing somehow the classic 'fortune' command and files in the
ports, the are Italian and Russian ones, but don't see the fortune
itself. If there is a Spanish one a pointer would be nice too. Thx
Fortune is part of the base system.

Maybe I'm stupid, but I don't see it:
Probably not stupid.

Although fortune *can* be part of the "base" system, it is part of the "games" distribution which might not have got installed. In fact the "games" are none of them games any more and the likes of snake presumably live in the ports now. Probably you can just run sysinstall with the first CD in place and install just the games - but I've never done that. Being a lazy slacker I wouldn't ever consider a Unix install complete without *something* that passes for a game (for use during long compiles, of course :-))

If you do buildword's and things you might need to check that games haven't been turned off in /etc/make.conf which I presume is possible.

This is from 5.4 by I expect 6.X to be largely the same.

% which fortune

% ls /usr/games
./ caesar* grdc* pom* random* unstr*
../             factor*         morse*          ppt*            rot13*
bcd*            fortune*        number*         primes*         strfile*

No clue about Spanish though.  Maybe you need to start translating ;-)


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