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> Gerard Seibert wrote:
> > Frank Bonnet wrote:
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> >> I need SCSI Disks of course , budget is around 10K$
> > 
> > Why the insistence on SCSI? Is there any reason that SATA or RAID with
> > SATA is not acceptable? Just curious.
>   Because I want it

Has anyone every verified whether or not SATA has the problems that plagued
ATA?  Such as crappy quality and lying caches?

Personally, I still demand SCSI on production servers because it still
seems as if:
a) The performance is still better
b) The reliability is still better

But I haven't taken a comprehensive look at the SATA offerings.  It also
seems as if SATA is more limiting.  Most SCSI cards can support 16
devices, does SATA have similar offerings?  I know it's not common, but
if you need that many spindles, you need them!

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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