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I just glanced at the latest statistics on www.bsdstats.org.   In the
last week or so OpenBSD has "overtaken" FreeBSD in the USA.

Should one conclude that OpenBSD admins have enthusiastically embraced
this project and FreeBSD admins have not; or, is OpenBSD really more
widely deployed than FreeBSD?

What page are you looking at? www.bsdstats.org shows 2868 FreeBSD machines and 1379 OpenBSD machines. Only in the US is OpenBSD "ahead" of FreeBSD. So I suppose you could say that OpenBSD admins *within* the US have embraced the project more willingly than FreeBSD admins or OpenBSD is more widely used *within* the US. But I doubt any of this is meaningful. It won't be until we get a great deal more systems reporting. 5097 systems worldwide must be less than 1% of the total systems in use worldwide, I would think.

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