RJ45 wrote on Thu, Sep 14, 2006 at 01:47:28AM -0600: 
> Hello I wanted to buildworld and kernel on FReeBSD 6.1 since I have Xeon
> cpu, I Wanted to rebuild it with CPUTYPE=nocona
> when I put the oprion in /etc/make.conf upon compilation instead of
> -march=nocona is used -march=prescott

Expected behavior.  Both are Netburst architecture CPUs and Prescott
is the only -march for Netburst.

> Can anyway really have any kind of improvement using CPUTYPE=nocona for
> userland and kernel ?

Not over Prescott.  In general it is doubtful.  Netburst only likes to
run very specific code fast and gcc can't do much about it.

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