On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg wrote:

Olivier Nicole wrote:
Check out http://www.bsdstats.org ... Republic of Korea is about to push
the US out of first place, but there are *zero* FreeBSD boxes reporting
from there ... DragonFly is first, then NetBSD and then OpenBSD ...

6 days later: Thailand jumped from 12 machines to 110... ahead of
France and Australia.

This is a long shot, but couldn't it just be that a portal or
usergroup of some kind started promoting bsdstats?
Lets say a BSD usergroup in Thailand posted a notice on the first
page about bsdstats. The usergroup has 200 visitors a day and half
of them decides to follow the advice and install bsdstats. That
would explain the sudden burst of 100 machines.

Another plausible explanation is that an administrator of some
network with 100 or so workstations or servers decided to push out
bsdstats as a nightly upgrade or similar.

It does not seem totally impossible to me, alltough I would not base
any major decision on those figures without checking them first.

At only 5000 hosts, I wouldn't be basing any decisions anyway ... I'd like to see 10x that number, and consistently, every month before reading *too* much into them ...

Its only been running about 30 days so far, so @ 5k hosts so far, and most of those *since* Sept 1st, it shouldn't take us too long ...

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