> | Our mailhub is actually a HP DL360 with one processor (Xeon 2.8 ghz)
> | with 2 Gb RAM and 120 Gb disks, it is 3 years old.
> | It runs Postfix + imap + imaps + pop3 + pop3s + squirrelmail + vexira 
> | antivirus + postgrey
> | and some small auxiliary services.
> Your server is good enough to handle even 10k users. You just need to 
> identify what is causing the overload. Adding one processor and 2GB
> extra RAM should be enough, I think.

Even when the hardware is enough, I enjoy a new machine when it comes
to build a mail server: it is such a critical machine (users will not
understand that their mailbox could be out of reach for 5 minutes)
with enough different components, each having specificities on the
config (not the sort you power one and you are done) I don't feel at
ease doing too much modif on a production email server.

Now at 10K$ you have plenty of money, I believe you could afford 2
machines for hi availability.

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