I know the mistake was on my side, I was not carefull enough when
using portupgrade on a production machine but...

Yesterday I froze our system for about one hour when I used
portupgrade to upgrade Samba. It was a very minor upgrade (from 3.0.10
to 3.0.23c,1 I think), but it happens that in between the 2 versions
the location of the password file for Samba has been changed.

I beleive that the port maintener has a very good reason why to change
this directory, but portupgrade would build and install the new Samba
silently (if the message at the begining of the makefile did ever
show, it was drawn into the flow of portupgrade messages) resulting
the new Samba did not accept any connection.

I think that such modification should be considered as critical and
portupgrade should stop and request acknowledgement before it keeps on
installing. I am not sure the mechanism exists in portupgrade, but I
see it as a very usefull enhancement.

Best regards,

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