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> > >From the FreeBSD box, can you ping the loopback address:, if
> > so, can you ping your ip address:  If so, can you ping your
> > gateway?  Did you set a gateway in /etc/rc.conf?
> loopback: Yes I can ping it.
> Yes again I can ping it. But I set this as the gateway. I
> just got two home PCs connected to each other over a 5-port switch
> with. and (this one). I set this as the gateway
> because a while later when I hook this to the web, this will be the
> box. And I might add a couple of more boxes to this network at best.

Don't do that.  It may be the cause of your problem -- in any case,
it's incorrect.  Leave the system without a gateway if you don't have

> I did not set a gateway in /etc/rc.conf. I configured the whole thing
> using sysinstall and a couple of times after that using ifconfig (ip
> addr and netmask).

If you did it via sysinstall, then it was written to rc.conf.

> > defaultrouter="your gateway ip address"              # Set to default
> > gateway (or NO).
> But I guess whatever the method, such an entry would have been written
> to rc.conf.


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