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FreeBSD 6.1

I have been trying to get a few of my friends to try
FBSD on their PCs without much success. One of the
major problems is the inability to get flash to work
properly to display videos available on Google. I know
that the linux-flash port is marked broken, so that it
out. How else can I get flash to work so I can perhaps
persuade them to try FBSD?

Adobe have announced that Flash 8 and all previous versions have multiple critical vulnerabilities. Presumably Adobe have been sitting on these bugs for some time; a month or so after the release of Flash 9 is pretty convenient for them.

Since the highest version of the linux plugin is 7, there is currently no Adobe version that can be run safely on Linux, BSD or Solaris. I understand that Adobe have indicated that there will eventually be a Linux Flash 9, and hopefully it will work on FreeBSD.

There are open source versions, but they aren't much good in my experience, I going to be booting into Windows if I really need flash. _______________________________________________
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