On Friday 15 September 2006 10:34, Jerry McAllister wrote:

> I don't normally use it either, but there are sites that do videos
> programs that are all in flash and others that use it for graphic
> demonstrations. So, it is a feature that is desired by many.  It pains me
> to have to reboot to Microsloth to see something on those sites.

I concure; having to use a different PC just to view a web page is a 
negative factor. I have also noticed that several sites, one bing CBSNews. 
is now doing streaming real-time video; however, it is only viewable via MS 
Media Player. It specifically states on the web page that 'realplayer' is 
not fully compatible and not used for many of the feeds.

It would be nice if a fully compatible player were available for FBSD. I 
hate switching between PCs.


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