In the last episode (Sep 15), Ian Smith said:
> On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Dan Nelson wrote:
>  > I would guess that maybe xmms (or some other threaded app) is your
>  > hidden CPU consumer.  The kernel does not calculate %CPU correctly
>  > for libkse-threaded programs, and they usually show up as 0% all
>  > the time.  The TIME column does update correctly, though.  If you
>  > switch to libthr with libmap.conf, you'll get accurate threaded
>  > %CPU reporting.
> I assume then that libkse is what the three multi-thread programs I'm
> running (xmms, mozilla-bin and mysqld) are now using, where for each
> of them `ldd $program | grep thr` shows
> => /usr/lib/
> So can/should I set in (a new) /etc/libmap.conf generally:
> or would it be better to just target these specific programs, eg:
> [/usr/X11R6/lib/mozilla/mozilla-bin/]  # assuming loaded with full path?
> Are there any likely downsides to using libthr instead?  Esp. mysqld?

Ya, libkse was the name of the default thread library before it was
renamed to "libpthread".  I use a global map (like in your first
example) myself.  I have a lightly-used mysql database on my machine
and haven't noticed any problems with it or any other threaded apps.

        Dan Nelson
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