On Sep 15, 2006, at 10:29 AM, George Allan wrote:
I can't think of a single site that I use that needs Flash; I don't
install it even on a Windows or MacOS X box.

I don't normally use it either, but there are sites that do videos programs that are all in flash and others that use it for graphic demonstrations.
So, it is a feature that is desired by many.  It pains me to have
to reboot to Microsloth to see something on those sites.

You can visit www.linuxcbt.com (cue the Linux jokes) for an illustrative example. All the videos are in swf format, most likely generated using
vnc2swf (available in ports, FWIW) or something similar.  As a side
note, mplayer doesn't support the swf format either.

That site seems to be selling instructional videos for $200 a pop.

While I suppose some people would pay that much to watch something in Flash like how to configure sendmail, rather than read the docs that come with the sendmail source tarball (or buy the O'Reilly "Bat" book, or subscribe to comp.mail.sendmail and ask there), and they are welcome to make such a decision, it would not be the decision I would make myself.

Responding to another point made in this thread:

On Sep 15, 2006, at 9:47 AM, Robert Huff wrote:
        I am running into an increasing number of web sites - including
those of mega-corporations - where the home page is 100% Flash,
leaving no way to get inside if you don't do .swf.

The major problem with such an approach is that pure-Flash-based sites prevent critical aspects of browser functionality from working as designed-- things like bookmarks, the back button, and so forth.

Once in a while, I send a polite message to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> indicating that a pure Flash site is a problem for those people who do not have Flash, and that if they decide to exclude potential customers (or partners, or investors, etc) as a result, well, doing so is their loss.


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