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On Wednesday 08 January 2003 22:03, Andrew Y Ng wrote:
> I'm highly interested in a few new features in KDE 3.1, like
> tabbed-browsing support in Konqueror, and the new MS Exchange 2000 plugin
> for the konganizer. if that stuff works well I don't need Linux at work
> (now I need it for Ximian Connector).
> I'm wondering if anyone here tried to compile KDE 3.1, maybe somebody from
> the freebsd KDE team can give us some headsup for their progress?

It's ready to go when 3.1 is released.  The changelog is already on the KDE 
website, so there's little point repeating it here :)

None of the features listed are known to be in a non-working state on FreeBSD.  
This time round, we've done extensive testing on -CURRENT as well as  

Some of the Safari code is already in, more being added almost by the minute.  
Don't expect to see that in 3.1 though, most of it will probably be in KDE 
3.1.1 rather than 3.1  (a month to 6 weeks after a major release, we usually 
make a bugfix only release, this time there will be a few feature 
improvements plugged in, notably these.)  These are changes made in a very 
different environment, rushing them in and not testing wouldn't be a great 
idea, but 

The Kolab server (Exchange Server replacement) is a standalone, not part of 
KDE proper, and is definitely high on the list for getting into ports, it is 
however, still a work in progress, and I personally would prefer to wait 
until it's not quite such a moving target.  It's going to take quite some 
environment to test it, it's pretty hard to know if a groupware server is 
working right without setting up a workgroup and using it, so that takes 
time.  The client side groupware stuff is nearly there, sharing calendars is 
perfect, and I can tell you that the the development versions for 3.2 are 
supporting imap, and disconnected imap, sieve, ldap, and much more.  You can 
read about all that stuff on KDE's own sites but it's really coming along 
amazingly nicely if you're in need of groupware stuff.  

Once KDE 3.1 is out the door, we'll turn the package building cluster back to 
doing CVS builds, and you're welcome to help test them, drop by the IRC 
channel or on the mailing list, or keep an eye on our website (in my sig.)

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Lauri Watts
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