I've used cvsup application under NetBSD-CURRENT to get whole
CVS repositories from NetBSD, FreeBSD and OpenBSD projects.

The client software works with cvsup5.ru.freebsd.org mirror
flawlessly (no errors or somthing strange).

I have issue with OpenBSD server (cvsup.no.openbsd.org) like:

src/sbin/isakmpd/isakmpd.conf.5,v: Checksum mismatch -- will transfer entire 

All servers report the same version (SNAP_16_1h). The same client:

CVSup client, non-GUI version
Copyright 1996-2003 John D. Polstra
Software version: SNAP_16_1h
Protocol version: 17.0
Operating system: NetBSDi386
Report problems to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
CVSup is a registered trademark of John D. Polstra

I can't checkout any branch at all because CVS repository is not
consistent w/o CVSROOT directory. Thus my copy is useless.

Question is obvious: why?

No filter settings in sup.cfg files.

I can provide more info if you tell me what you want to get.

Please, CC me, I'm not on the list.

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