Hello List,
 I took the plunge last night and installed FreeBSD6.1-STABLE.  I found the 
experience rather exciting and I'm happy with the results, excep for one major 
challenge to overcome: no video support.  I'm trying to set up X and it's 
 FreeBSD6.1-STABLE (from the i386 CD iso's from freebsd.org)
 Dell  Dimension 5100C Desktop
 Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family on IRQ 16
 My friend the computer professional tells me the video and a bunch of other 
devices are integrated into the motherboard to save space (the system unit is 
smaller than the printer, if that tells you anything).  
 when I do:
 root-prompt>Xorg -configure
 I get a quick list of all video devices and "No Device Present"
 The Xorg-configure-log is just a more verbose statement of the same list
 At boot, I get the following messages: 
 acpi0:<Dell 5100C > on motherboard
 pci0:<display> at device 2.1 (no driver attached)
 pci0:<multimedia> at device 27.0 (no driver attached)
 the boot process then proceeds to recognize all my other devices and I get to 
my login prompt.
 I've tried booting with ACPI disabled (I'll admit I'm ignorant as to what that 
would do) and the boot process hangs up before grabbing my keyboard.
 The Handbook mentions "when the visual kernel configuration option comes up 
choose it."  Where and when does that happen?  Is that still around in 
 I've tried boot menu option 6 (the loader prompt) and I'll admit that totally 
confuses me.
 Supposing I have the driver, how do I "attach" it to resolve the "no driver 
attached" problem?  Is that really the root of the problem?  I know the VESA 
drivers are there...
 I'll add that Freesbie 1.1 and many Linux livecds boot just fine into X on 
this machine.  I even got an Xf86config file from Freesbie with the monitor 
settings it uses.  I'm writing this from a PCLinuxOS Livecd.
 Right now I've got a console, "and that's cool" in the words of Jeffrey 
Lebowski; however, for my wife to use this thing, and for me to use most of 
what I wanted (a desktop system), running X is essential ;)
 I appreciate any help.
 Thanks! I already love FreeBSD!

Joel J. Adamson 
Arlington, MA
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