On Saturday 16 September 2006 16:13, RW wrote:

> Not all of the point releases are for the kernel, for example
> 6.1-RELEASE-p2 was a sendmail fix.

Ok I see; just because my kernel is at p6, doesn't mean the base system is. 

I wasn't on FreeBSD when p2 was released. Would that p2 have triggered a 
portaudit warning? Assuming of course that p2 was a security related sendmail 

What I am getting at is if, my sendmail were acting up, I would look for an 
update, and patch sendmail only. If the patch were security related I would 
patch it anyway, but I can't see why I would want to rebuild the entire 
system for a sendmail upgrade, or a kernel stability patch, when the 
individual broken/insecure pieces can be fixed with much less hassel, time, 
and risk.
Is my logic flawed? 

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