Gary Kline wrote:
>       People,
>       I've done at least two cmplete  make buildworlds (and all the
>       rest: kernel/installworld/) and parts of mergemaster.  I *am*
>       missing /usr/X11R6/bin/xdm and more files in /usr/X11R6/lib/[*].
>       startx is also missing.
>       I have read the UPDATING and README in /usr/src; Am I missing
>       some knob[s]?   I have "gdm_enable=YES" in /etc/rc.conf just
>       now and have the exec gnome line in ~/.xinitrc.  [~/.xinitrc 
>       is 0755 and chown'd kline:wheel]  and so on.
>       I do see ctwm installed as a backup,  but without at least 
>       xdm, I'm wedged.  Anybody know what's going on?
>       thanks in adance,
>       gary
>       PS:: When I scp'd xdm from 5.5, it did exec, but the xlogin
>            widget was White and logging in as anyone failed.  I 
>            was always thrown back to the default white xlogin screen.

I think the howls of protest would have been audible from the moons of
Jupiter had 6.1-RELEASE shipped without a complete set of workable X
windows ports / packages.  No, you are definitely experiencing a problem
with your own machine and not with the FreeBSD release.

However important such software may be, it is not actually a part of
the base system.  portupgrade(1) is your friend in this case, not 'make
buildworld'.  If you are updating from 5.x to 6.x then you should be
sure to reinstall all your ports / packages.  A command line of the

    portupgrade -Niaf

will get that job done.  There are various alternative options you
might want to consider employing, such as telling portupgrade to use
packages rather than re-compiling everything from source: the man page
for portupgrade will elucidate.  You need to do this not because 5.x
programs won't work on a 6.x system (they manifestly will run if the
compat5x shlibs are installed) but because any future software update
runs the risk of different parts of the same program being linked against
different versions of a shared library and consequently failing to work.



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