To whom it may concern,
  Currently, I am using Ubuntu Linux 6.06 and it is really a let-down after I 
got it when I realized that Ubuntu does not do well with 28.8kbs/56kbs modems.  
It will not let me use my modem.
       I was wondering how Free-bsd does with dial-up modems (2 year old 
computer) and highspeed interenet, (I might get high speed soon).  I was 
thinking that if FreeBSD worked better for going online using dial-up modems?  
If it worked well, then I was thinking of setting up a partion for both OS's to 
run.  Would I be able to send files between them, over the partion?  Thanks in 
  Sincerly, David Fontenot
  P.S. If my family did share a high speed internet connection, could I still 
connect to their network and share the internet, even if they are both using 
Windows XP?

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