FreeBSD and Linux people,

I have a PC which I want to boot as windows, FreeBSD, and Suse 10.1 Linux.

Currently, FreeBSD boot0 menu shows both Windows and FreeBSD as boot-able.

The FreeBSD boot0 menu does not show the Linux OS (which I just installed).

So, I did some reading of the FreeBSD handbook:

It suggests that I have 2 ways to solve this problem:

1. Configure the FreeBSD boot0 menu so that it can boot
Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux


2. Replace The FreeBSD boot0 menu with  LILO Boot Manager

I like option 1.

Q1: How do I add Suse 10.1 Linux to the FreeBSD boot0 menu?

As for option 2,
if I want to try LILO, I'll need to toss my FreeBSD boot0 menu in the trash.

Q2: If I cannot get LILO to boot FreeBSD, how do I boot get
FreeBSD to boot and then how do I restore my old FreeBSD boot0 menu?

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