first off, if there is a doc I haven't found on this, please direct me to
it ... google seems to be drawing alot of docs, but none seem appropriate

I just had a drive go south ... so we got a replacement drive in, hot
swap'd the old out, new in ... I've been able to disklabel the drive, so
that it matches the config of the rest of the drives in the RAID5 array
... but for the life of me, I can't figur eout how to get vinum to
recognize (and re-init) the new drive ...

a vinum start just tell sme the drive is down ... so I'm guessing i have
to somehow do similar to the original create, to get the appropraite info
onto the drive?

I'm afraid of 'vinum init', but is 'vinum init jaildev.p0.s12' what I'm
looking for here?

thanks ...

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