I've run onto a problem with a netgear wg311t and a msi k8 neo with a via chip. 
  I've placed the card into all the pci slots removed all other pci cards and 
still it refuses
  to work for 6.1 bsd or m$. I've placed the card into an older pc and it works 
for 6.1 bsd with no problems.
  pciconf -lv shows that the card is not there, it lights one of the tx led in 
the back but 
  thats the only life it shows in the msi neo.
  I've searched the netgear site and found an article about needing the via 
4-in-1 drivers
  for the via chip, installed them but no joy even in windows.
  Are there any hints for the sys.ctl file to aid the use if this card??
  Someone else must be running this combo, if so how??
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