> In order to follow the upgrade instructions in the Handbook or
> /usr/src/UPDATING to the letter, you need console access to the
> machine being updated.  That is [a] problem ... when it's in a
> hosting centre umpty dozen miles away ...
> There are essentially three possibilities.
> i) get someone local to the machine to do the bits requiring the
> console access ...
> ii) arrange to get remote console access.  That can be expensive
> if you go down the route of buying a dedicated console server.
> Or it can be very cheap indeed if you have another FreeBSD box
> close by the machine you're trying to update and you can string
> null modem cables between their serial ports ...
> iii) Finally, and not to be dismissed without due consideration,
> is the really quite simple approach of /not/ taking the machine
> down to single user mode ...

iv) (actually a variant of ii, but different enough to warrant
separate mention IMO)  Put a "PC Weasel" or similar in any machine
that is going to be located remotely.  This card looks like a VGA to
the machine, but allows for remote access.  The simple ones support
only text mode via a serial port; some of the fancier ones act as
X11 clients so as to also support graphics modes.  This gives you
access not only to the FreeBSD console, but to the BIOS.

And no, I do not work for any manufacturer or supplier of such.
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