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But I have one question - do you rebuild the world on a remote machine

Sorry; I am a newbie at FreeBSD, and have never done a buildworld :-( I
have  spent lots of time on Linux, Solaris, and SCO, but this is my
first cut at  BSD.

Just from past NIX experience though, I would never rebuild an entire
OS  remotely without having someone onsite to push the On/Off switch
when the  inevitable happens :-(

We have someone to push the switch. I just thought if it is possible to
be done without engaging the support.

No one has mentioned the security/freebsd-update port. With that you can apply updates to the kernel and world without having to build them *if* (and only if!) you are running a GENERIC kernel. For remote administration, this may be a good option for some.

I've done a number of build world and kernel routines without a problem.

make buildworld
make buildkernel
make installkernel

mergemaster -p
make install world

This has worked for me on three different systems, all of which are easily accessible if something goes wrong. I have one server that's about 20 miles away and much more critical than the others (in terms of uptime and accessibility) *and* I don't have remote access to the server through a KVM or similar. For that one I use freebsd-update, because I don't want to have to suddenly jump in the car and drive 30 minutes (while the server is down) to fix a problem.

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