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> Hello all,

> I'm having a slight issue with my new FreeBSD box - when I test the
> xorg.conf.new file that "Xorg -configure" creates I get an error that says
> (EE) NV(1): Cannot read V_BIOS (3)
> (EE) NV(1): No valid modes found
> I searched around on the internet and found some modeline information for a
> similar setup to mine which I tried
> without success. I then installed the latest FreeBSD nvidia drivers which,
> after installing compat5x and running
> nvidia-xconfig, caused my machine to reboot every time I tried X -config on
> the file.
> I found that I could stop my system from rebooting when I replaced Driver
> "nvidia" with Driver "nv" in the Device
> sections in the config file but this took me back to square one.
> Finally I tried connecting the system up to an iiyama Vision Master 400
> (CRT) and had exactly the same problem :(
> Here is my current setup:
> Intel Duo 2 Core E6700
> 4GB of Corsair RAM
Very cool

> 260GB SATA HDD (1) - XP
> 80GB SATA HDD (2) - FreeBSD
Swap them around ;-)

> BFG 7950 GX2
The FreeBSD NVIDIA kernel driver does not support GeForce cards above 7900GTX. 
If they did I would've bought a couple myself, instead I bought a cheap Forsa 
7900GTX until there's support for the higher cards.

There was a thread on one of the lists from zander(NVIDIA) about some needed 
functionality to improve PCIe, add SLI, and lots of other crap I have no 
understanding of.

As for X.org, it also looks like it doesn't support your card :-( only 
supports upto the *7800*

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