Aloha Questions list,

I have been trying to setup Sendmail on a server box.
FreeBSD 6.1 HP Pentium II 300 CPU 686

After many attempts I am down to this one error.

Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded:
Password supplied for [EMAIL PROTECTED] is incorrect.

I have 2 user accounts for test on this swever. I can ping and telnet into ports 25 and 110 and I get the proper responses from these users.

The 2 user accounts are rejected as per the error when I try to connect from a mail agent (Mozilla or Thunderbird) from another box on a different inet. (Also FreeBSD 4.11 running for several years.)

The server is setup with send mail SMTP and qpopper for Pop3. There is nothing else on this box.

Do I have to create a password file other than the FreeBSD /etc/passwd and /etc/master.passwd
to get this to work.

My previous attempts with Postfix and Dovecot did not get this far.

Thanks for any help.

Al Plant - Honolulu, Hawaii

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