Daniel Gerzo wrote:
Hello pobox,

Saturday, September 16, 2006, 8:47:04 PM, you wrote:


could somebody help me to understand the best way to enter into a single
user mode on a remote server.

I need it for the moment, during rebuilding world, when I have to reboot
into single user mode before 'mergemaster -p'.

I don't want to persuade you to something that is not officially
supported, but I have never booted into single user mode while
upgrading my FreeBSD boxes and I have never experienced any problems
because of this. Just try to skip the reboot step and go ahead. It
works(tm) for me this way.

If you are paranoid, try to stop all running services except the ssh

Phew... I hear this again and again.

Only I am not sure I have the level of boldness to do this on a production machine.

Isn't the following sequence of steps similar - 'shutdown -r now' (reboots in multi-user mode), and then immediately 'shutdown now' (drops to single user mode)?


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